Provide better primary care.

Use SensiCardiac to add value to your clinic.

Expand your services.

Increase patient volume.

Add value to your current services.

Ensure patient satisfaction by eliminating future discomfort.

Add smart technology to your clinic.

Simple to install on your existing systems.

Easy to scale for small and large clinics.

Full technical roll-out support from the heart sound specialists, SensiCardiac.

Added value for your patients and employees.

Ensure correct diagnosis when listening to the heart.

Get an objective second opinion, instantly.

Effectively track and monitor patients.

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Provide better physical examinations.

Each year over 490 million1 visits are made to primary care physicians. Health professionals like you will listen to a heart at each of these visits. With SensiCardiac, you can get the confidence of diagnosing heart sounds with the accuracy of a cardiologist.

SensiCardiac will enable you to listen to the heart, record the heart sound, diagnose heart defects, determine the heart rate and help you in making an objective diagnosis. SensiCardiac will compliment your skills and ensure you do not miss those hard to diagnose murmurs.

Perform improved occupational exams.

Occupational health screenings form an important part of preventative care in the USA for various employers. Many employers, including the Department of Transport (DOT), legally require it. A physical exam can be improved by including an accurate heart sound analysis.

When you use SensiCardiac, you will ensure correct diagnosis of heart sounds and be able to put a heart sound report in your patients' (and their employer’s) hands. You can become the preferred provider of occupational health screenings in your community, by differentiating your practice with the latest technology in heart sound analysis.

Ensure correct diagnosis in baby, child and student physicals.

Congenital heart defects are defects that are associated with the physical structure of the heart – defects relating to the heart valves, walls and arteries. CHDs are the most common birth defect in the USA – 8 out of every 1000 babies born2 will have a CHD. That amounts to 35000 babies born each year2 with CHDs. SensiCardiac can help diagnose heart defects by determining heart murmurs. In a clinical study, SensiCardiac proved to be as accurate as a pediatric cardiologist3 in determining heart murmurs.

You will be able to give parents the peace of mind by providing comprehensive baby, child and student physicals: after birth, before school camps, before competing in sports or other activities, or to ensure good heart health.

For sports and pre-participation screenings.

Approximately 1000 000 Americans live with a CHD2. Millions of students compete in school sports in middle school, high school and university levels. Many students suffer from sudden cardiac related deaths. Proper screening can help reduce the number of student athletes who suffer. Using SensiCardiac you will be able to perform heart screenings for CHDs, help diagnose heart murmurs earlier and reduce patient discomfort by reducing the need to perform an expensive echocardiogram due to an unnecessary referral.

Caution: Federal law restricts these devices to sale by, or on the order of, a physician.

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