What we believe.

We believe in simplifying the way healthcare is provided.

By improving the ability to interpret health data.

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With the creation of expert diagnostic systems.

Our Team.

Thys Cronje is the managing director of SensiCardiac. He manages the research and development of our product, business strategy and builds partnerships in the healthcare industry. Thys is a serial entrepreneur, having started 3 businesses in the healthcare industry. He has a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and 15 years experience in the field of Digital Health. His passion is to create opportunities through technology, which in SensiCardiac has resulted in a company that is challenging the healthcare industry. In his spare time he loves running, spending time with his family, and course the true loves of his life – his dogs.

Edward Hill is our technology support, maintenance and development manager. He manages our day-to-day technical support to users, works on improving our current IT systems and develops our applications. He has 15 years of IT support knowledge under his belt, including 2 years working in development. His passion is to help advance technology through software development. Edward loves to relax after a hard days work by playing video games.

David Fourie is our bio-signal processing engineer. He works on improving our current algorithms, cloud computing system and developing new applications for our technology. He recently completed his Masters degree in Electronic engineering, where his research was focused on bio-signal processing of heart sounds for real-time monitoring of patients. His passion is developing technology that has tangible benefits for patients. David enjoys spending time researching on the internet when he is not out and about stargazing.

Michael Maas is our market development and customer manager at SensiCardiac. He works on creating and implementing digital marketing strategies, identifying potential markets and communicating with all our current and potential users. He recently completed his Masters degree in Electronic Engineering, and has 2 years experience in product support. His passion is to work with people, and to see how technology can improve people’s lives. He loves spending time with his friends, outdoors hiking or indoors cooking and reading.

Liz Eckley is our Administrative manager. She handles the entire office’s administrative work, including order processing, office management and procurement. She has many years experience in management, and has even run her own small business. Her passion is to enable the office to work to the best of their abilities. When she is not spending time with her family and friends, Liz is a part time foodie, who enjoys supporting local restaurants.

Our Partners.

We build and grow partnerships with leading companies in the stethoscope, diagnostic and clinical industries.

Our Community.

We live in a global community, that is why SensiCardiac supports healthcare initiatives from South Africa, the United States and China.

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