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Welcome to the Sensi Media Library. Here you can find white papers, guides and info graphics on heart screenings, heart health, how to market and grow your practice, and how to improve the value based care that you deliver in the primary care environment.

Patient Screening Forms.

Are you capturing your patient's personal and family history? Get your free cardiac screening questionnaire form here.

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Cardiac Exam Forms.

Are you documenting your cardiac exam? Afraid of missing heart disease symptoms? Get your free cardiac examination form here.

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Interpreting SensiCardiac Findings

Learn how SensiCardiac could become your partner when screening for heart defects. Bring confidence to your practice.

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Creating value with SensiCardiac.

Become the preferred provider of physical screenings. How will SensiCardiac fit into your business and add value to your practice.

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SensiCardiac's Cost-Benefit.

Echo referrals do have a huge cost impact. Learn more about this impact and how SensiCardiac could improve accountable care.

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SensiCardiac for Sports Physicals.

This guide will tell you how to use SensiCardiac to improve pre-participation compliance and efficiency to avoid possible tragedies.

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The S3 Gallop.

The S3 gallop is a sign of heart failure. Learn how technology could assist you to detect and monitor the S3 heart sound.

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Time Saving Technology

A guide to simple-to-use technologies that will improve your competence as a health care provider. Saving you time and money.

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Confidence in heart rhythm.

This White Paper evaluates the accuracy with which the SensiCardiac algorithm is extracting heart rate parameters. See our key findings here.

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Electronic Stethoscope Partner Universe

These infographics show how we are building a thriving ecosytem for the electronic stethoscope in healthcare.

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